Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameLoyd, Nicholas
County: Granville
CitySt: North Carolina
DeathBef 1860
County: Granville
CitySt: North Carolina
Cause: Buried:
SpouseWest, MarthaMarried: 12/28/1828
Child (01)Loyd, James AppletonBirth: 1829County: Granville
Notes:Evidence shows Nicholas to be the father of James A,the 1850 Granville, Abrahams Plains, NC census enumerates the following: James A Loyd, age 21, page 6, family 38. Nicholas Loyd age 45, Matey age 40, page 7, family 49. The 1860 Granville, Country Line census has the following: James Loyd age 26, Sarah age 26 dwelling 308 family 304. Matey Loyd age 56, Thomas Loyd age 25, dwelling 251, family 247. The 1830 Granville County, NC census list Nicholas Loyd with 1 male child under the age of 5.