Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameThomason, Thomas Newton
County: Habersham
CitySt: Leatherwood, GA
County: Gabersham
CitySt: Cornelia, GA
Cause: Buried: Level Grove Baptist Cemetery
FatherThomason, Thomas FranklinBirth: 3/23/1804
MotherFarmer, Sarah AnnBirth: 7/14/1808
SpouseMayberry, Rhoda CarolineMarried: 12/16/1866
Notes:Thomas enlisted on 6/10/1864 in Athens GA in Co E or H, 11th Regt GA Volunteer Infantry, "Fannin Young Riflemen." In March 1865 he recived a gunshot wound in left thigh, which left him with a limp and later rheumatism, which required him to use a cane. He was at home on wounded furlough at the time of the CSA surrender.

Source George Thomason of Franklin Georgia
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