Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameThomason, Berry Lewis
County: Habersham
CitySt: Leatherwood, GA
County: Cullman
CitySt: Cullman, AL
Cause: Buried: Elmwood Cemetery
FatherThomason, Thomas FranklinBirth: 3/23/1804
MotherFarmer, Sarah AnnBirth: 7/14/1808
SpouseDodd, Martha JaneMarried: 8/10/1871
Child (01)Thomason, Alexander FranklinBirth: 2/3/1872County: Habersham
Child (02)Thomason, William CullenBirth: 7/9/1873County: Monroe
Child (03)Thomason, Ellen FlorenceBirth: 7/4/1875
Child (04)Thomason, Mary DruscillaBirth: 12/18/1877
Child (05)Thomason, James HenryBirth: 12/29/1879
Child (06)Thomason, Cora JaneBirth: 5/9/1883County: Habersham
Child (07)Thomason, Oscar FarrellBirth: 1/27/1885County: Habersham
Child (08)Thomason, Joseph EarnestBirth: 11/27/1886County: Habersham
Child (09)Thomason, Clarence Grover ClevelandBirth: 11/17/1892County: Haralson
Notes:Berry's home place, known as "The Cedars", was later owned by James Henry. Located on present Hwy 31. Formerly in Keystone, now called Alabaster. The row of trees may be seen two or three lots north of the Shelby Memorial Hospital.

Source George Thomason of Franklin Georgia
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