Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameJean, Edmond, Sr.
County: Brunswick
CitySt: VA
CitySt: NC
Cause: Buried:
FatherJean, William, Sr.Birth: c1735
MotherEdmonds, HuldaBirth: c1739
SpouseUnknown, UnknownMarried: c1777
Child (01)Jean, WileyBirth: 1777
Child (02)Jean, WesleyBirth: 1/11/1778
Child (03)Jean, ElizabethBirth: 1782
Child (04)Jean, WilliamBirth: 1784
Child (05)Jean, PattyBirth: c1785
Child (06)Jean, EdmumdBirth: 5/18/1786County:
Child (07)Jean, SarahBirth: 1787County: Guilford
Child (08)Jean, JosephBirth: 8/20/1790County: Guildord
Child (09)Jean, DavidBirth: c1795County: Stokes
SpouseBeasley, MarthaMarried: 10/2/1795
Child (01)Jean, JohnBirth: c1796County: Stokes
Child (02)Jean, NancyBirth: c1797County: Stokes
Child (03)Jean, HarrisonBirth: c1798County: Stokes
Child (04)Jean, Jesse LeeBirth: c1799County: Stokes
Notes: Source
Quote from Revised Chapter 1 - emailed to me in 2006 by Arthurh Glenn Jean
"Edmund died intestate in early 1802 at about age 44. On 22 Jan 1802 charges were made to the account of Edmund Jean by Gottlieb Strehle for "calico and paper pins" and on "13 Feb 1802 for "medecines" from John Mandeleman. An entry in March 1802 listed charges to Edmund, deceased. From these accounts and the item below, it appears that Edmund died between 13 Feb and 01 Mar 1802."On the first Monday of March, 1802, the Stokes Co Court issued a petition stating , "...William Jean & Joseph Jean be appointed guardians of William, Patty, Sally, Edmund, Joseph, David, John, Nancy, Harrison & Jesse Jean, orphans of Edmund Jean, deceased"....and to notify others of this petition, including; the committee for laying off the dower of the widow; the guardians; and Wiley, Westley and Betsy Jean, heirs of said Edmund.
"In 1803, Wiley Jean and Wesley Jean petitioned the court, "That whereas our father, Edmund Jean, late, of said County died intestate and was at the time of death possessed of 207 acres of land and left nine sons and four daughters who are heirs to the real estate of said Edmund Jean, and whereas we petitioners are now of the age of twenty one years and are desirous to have our shares, parts, or quotas, of said estate laid off according to law. We your petitioners do therefore solicit your Worships to appoint five commissioners to enter on the said premises and lay off land appropriate to...our shares of said estate agreeable to an act of Assembly".. Each were awarded 30 acres, adjacent to land owned by Joseph Jean.
Edmund Jean was survived by Martha and 13 children, whose names and approximate ages in 1802 were: nine children by his first wife ; Wiley 25, Wesley 24, Elizabeth (Betsy) 21, William 19, Patty 17, Edmund Jean 16; Sally 14, Joseph 12, and David 08; and Martha's own children; John 6; Nancy 4, Harrison 3, and Jesse Lee 01.
Edmund's brother Joseph was appt guardian of Edmund's minor children first, but in 1806 he sold his land in Stokes Co. and soon after moved to Bracken Co., KY. In 1807 the court then appointed Wiley Jean, the eldest son of Edmund Jean to be the guardian of his younger brother Joseph Jean. At the same session Edmund's widow Martha was appointed guardian of her own children: John & Jesse Lee Jean. William Jean was appt the guardian of his brother David Jean