Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameLoyd, James Appleton
County: Granville
CitySt: North Carolina
County: Madison
CitySt: TN
Cause: Buried:
FatherLoyd, NicholasBirth: 1805
MotherWest, MarthaBirth: 1810
SpouseHicks, Sarah AnnMarried: 11/19/1848
Child (01)Loyd, JaneBirth: 1849County: Granville
Child (02)Loyd, James RubenBirth: 12/25/1852County: Granville
Child (03)Loyd, OctaviaBirth: c1855
Child (04)Loyd, Anna GustaBirth: 1858
Child (05)Loyd, SusanBirth: c1860County: Granville
Child (06)Loyd, Rosie LeeBirth: 10/3/1866
Child (07)Loyd, Louie StrongBirth: 7/2/1869County: Mecklenburg
Notes:James and Sarah were married in Granville County, NC and was there on the 1850 and 1860 census. They lived in Boydton, Mecklenburg, VA in 1870 and had moved to Madison County, TN by 1880.