Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameRoberts, Thomas Iley
County: Crockett
CitySt: TN
County: Dyer
CitySt: TN
Cause: Buried: Hurricane Hill Cemetery
FatherRoberts, Eli C.Birth: 2/27/1833
MotherWalker, Sarah MBirth: 7/1849
SpouseWhite, Cleo PatraMarried: 7/23/1896
Child (01)Roberts, Annie DellBirth: 9/13/1897County: Dyer
Child (02)Roberts, Maxey PearlBirth: 12/28/1899County: Dyer
Child (03)Roberts, Infant TwinsBirth: 1901County: Dyer
Child (04)Roberts, Bonnie ABirth: 3/25/1904County: Dyer
Child (05)Roberts, Nina MayBirth: 5/7/1906County: Dyer
Child (06)Roberts, Loyce MarieBirth: 10/28/1908County: Dyer
Child (07)Roberts, ElvaBirth: 12/8/1910County: Dyer
Child (08)Roberts, AudreyBirth: 1/1914County: Dyer
Child (09)Roberts, Eldred FayBirth: 8/12/1915County: Dyer
Child (10)Roberts, Louis HodgeBirth: 1918County: Dyer
Notes:He was a well worker and lived in the Dyersburg vicinity for years.
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Roberts,Thomas Iley