Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameBoals, Margaret Peggy
County: Moore
CitySt: NC
County: Crockett
CitySt: Cypress, TN
Cause: Buried: Cypress Cemetery
FatherBoals, RobertBirth: 1750
MotherCole, SusannaBirth: 12/13/1775
SpouseEmison, JohnMarried: 1820
Child (01)Emison, JamesBirth: 7/2/1821County: Moore
Child (02)Emison, SusanBirth: 2/3/1823County: Moore
Child (03)Emison, RebeccaBirth: 3/19/1825County: Madison
Child (04)Emison, RobertBirth: 3/15/1826County: Madison
Child (05)Emison, William EBirth: 12/25/1827County: Madison
Child (06)Emison, John, Jr.Birth: 5/3/1829County: Madison
Child (07)Emison, Sarah JaneBirth: 1832County: Madison
Child (08)Emison, BenjaminBirth: 1833County: Madison
Child (09)Emison, Joseph BoalsBirth: 1/17/1835County: Madison
Child (10)Emison, Mary Ann Birth: 1/17/1838County: Madison
Child (11)Emison, PollyBirth: 1838County: Madison
Child (12)Emison, MargaretBirth: 1840County: Madison
Child (13)Emison, Nancy AnnBirth: 1842County: Madison
Child (14)Emison, CharlesBirth: 1844County: Madison
Notes:1850 Madison County Census:
Margaret Emerson 48, William 22, John 21, Benjamin 17, Josiah 15, Mary A 12,Polly 12, Margaret 10, Nancy A 8, Charles 4.

1860 Madison County, Distrist 18 Census:
Margaret Emmerson 58, Margaret 20, Nancy 16, Charles 16.

1870 Lauderdale County Distrist 8 census:
Ma Embberson 70 NC, Bella 7, Ada 5.

I believe the Ma Embberson is Margaret Emison and she migrated to Lauderdale County with five of her children. Living nearby are her children Benjamin Emison, Nancy Leggett, Sarah Bird, Mary Freeman and John Emison. She may have passed away in Lauderdale County and taken to Crockett County and buried in Cypress Cemetery.