Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameThomason, Henry T
County: Madison
CitySt: TN
County: Dyer
CitySt: Dyersburg, TN
Cause: Buried:
FatherThomason, Thomas DeanBirth: 7/12/1843
MotherLoyd, Anna GustaBirth: 1858
SpouseGolden, MaudMarried: 11/7/1899
Child (01)Thomason, Anna MaieBirth: 10/2/1900County: Crockett
Child (02)Thomason, TommieBirth: c1904
Child (03)Thomason, WillieBirth: 12/22/1903County: Crockett
SpouseWhitehead, LidaMarried: 8/23/1907
Child (01)Thomason, Henry WBirth: 1909County: Crockett
Child (02)Thomason, Rosa LBirth: 10/14/1912County: Dyer
SpouseFoster, LexieMarried: 2/22/1918
Child (01)Thomason, George WBirth: 1919County: Dyer
Notes:Bud Thomason died in Baird-Delaney Hospital in Dyersburg, TN as a widower. The services were to be held in Bells, TN., so I suspect that he is buried in Brigance Cemetery in an unmarked grave.