Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameLoyd, Rosie Lee
CitySt: NC
County: Crockett
CitySt: TN
Cause: Buried: Brigance Cemetery
FatherLoyd, James AppletonBirth: 1829
MotherHicks, Sarah AnnBirth: c1830
SpouseThomason, Thomas DeanMarried: 1/1/1886
Child (01)Thomason, WilliamBirth: 9/17/1886County: Crockett
Child (02)Thomason, AnnieBirth: 12/26/1888County: Crockett
Child (03)Thomason, Omie LouBirth: 05/21/1891County: Crockett
Child (04)Thomason, LizzieBirth: 10/9/1894County: Crockett
Child (05)Thomason, Jimmie JackBirth: 12/28/1896County: Crockett
Child (06)Thomason, Eva AliceBirth: 9/12/1898County: Crockett
Child (07)Thomason, Sallie BellBirth: 3/30/1901County: Crockett
Child (08)Thomason, ZellieBirth: 8/3/1903County: Crockett
Child (09)Thomason, J DBirth: 2/22/1905County: Crockett
Child (10)Thomason, SueBirth: 1/20/1908County: Crockett
Notes:Rosie and T.D. were united in marriage in Madison County,TN. on 01/01/1886. This union would become a large southern family of which we are from the lineage of. T.D. died on 11/17/1922 & Rosie Lee on 03/26/1944. They are buried in Brigance Cemetery, but not side by side.
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Loyd,Rosie Lee