Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameJean, Wyatt
County: Stokes
CitySt: NC
Deathaft 10/21/1880
County: Greene
CitySt: TN
Cause: Buried:
FatherJean, WileyBirth: 1777
MotherThomason, MorningBirth:
SpouseTilson, MargaretMarried: 1/20/1825
Child (01)Jayne, StephenBirth: 1827
Child (02)Jeans, Elizabeth AnnBirth: abt 1828
Child (03)Janes, James WileyBirth: abt 1831
Child (04)Janes, William JacksonBirth: 2/17/1831County: Greene
Child (05)Janes, Leticia EBirth: abt 1835County: Greene
Child (06)Janes, John W.Birth: 8/30/1837County: Greene
Child (07)Janes, Joseph FBirth: 8/30/1837County: Greene
Child (08)Jaynes, Henry HughBirth: 1839County: Greene
Child (09)Jaynes, George ABirth: 5/20/1845County: Greene
Child (10)Jaynes, David PaulBirth: 1848County: Greene
SpouseJilton, Martha JaneMarried: 10/21/1880
Child (01)Janes, MelvilleBirth: 6/9/1880County: Greene
Notes: Married by John Wright, JP in Carter County, TN. He was mentioned in Wiley Jean's will as Wiatt Jean and his marriage record was signed as Wiatt. Marriage record to Martha Jane Jilton in Greene County TN list name as Wyatt Jane.

We agree that David Paul Jaynes' father was Wiatt/Wyatt Jean born in 1806/1808 but there's a disagreement as to who is David Paul Jaynes' grandfather. Some family trees on and list Wiley Jean born 1777 and some list Wyatt Janes Jean born 1789 and list him as Wyatt W Jean born 1789.

The following is what I've found in my research of the correct lineage. has two Wyatt/Wiatt Jean's, one born 1806 and one 1808.Wiley Jean's will mentions his son Wiatt.The marriage record for he and Margaret Tilson is signed Wiatt Jean.

The will of Wyatt W Jean (father of Wyatt born 1808) does not mention a son, only his daughter Sally W. Jean.

The will of Phillip Jean (born 1762) father of Wyatt W Jean leaves one fourth of his estate (Wyatt W Jean's share) to his granddaughter Sally, again no mention of Wyatt Jean, his grandson.

The research of Karen Martin shows that Wyatt born 1808 died before 1810. I have tried to determine her source but as of yet have not. 2/12/2009 I have the 1810 census for Phillip Jean. I believe Wyatt W Jean and wife were living in his household but no children under 10 years of age were listed.

Taking all of the above in consideration, I believe that Wiley Jean is the grandfather and Wiatt born 1806 is David Paul Jaynes father.