Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameThomason, William Cullen
County: Monroe
CitySt: LA.
County: Marin
CitySt: San Quentin State Prison
Cause: Colon cancerBuried: San Quentin Prison Cemetery
FatherThomason, Berry LewisBirth: 11/3/1853
MotherDodd, Martha JaneBirth: 5/3/1854
SpouseFrench, Jessie MaeMarried: 12/28/1893
Child (01)Thomason, Freeman VictorBirth: 10/23/1895County: Franklin
Child (02)Thomason, Earl MarloweBirth: 12/23/1899County: Indian Territory
Child (03)Thomason, CharlieBirth: 1901County: Indian Territory
Child (04)Thomason, Jessie IrmaBirth: 7/28/1902County: Pottawatomie
Child (05)Thomason, Eva GoldieBirth: 4/18/1904County: Pottawatomie
SpouseMaxey, Anne JoEllaMarried: 1908
Child (01)Thomason, Nola MaryBirth: 1910County: Dallas
Child (02)Thomason, Alma HazelBirth: 2/7/1911County: Dallas
Child (03)Thomason, Ruth MarieBirth: 2/9/1913County: Matagorda
Child (04)Thomason, Ruby LilyBirth: 3/24/1915County: Kleberg
Child (05)Thomason, Woodrow WilsonBirth: 9/12/1918County: Galveston
Child (06)Thomason, Gladys VondaBirth: 2/25/1921County: Harris
SpouseBaerfield, Louise KatherineMarried: unwed
Child (01)Thomason, Lorraine TrinityBirth: 12/27/1919County: Galveston
Child (02)Thomason, Arnold AveryBirth: 11/10/1921County: Galveston
Child (03)Thomason, Charlotte MarieBirth: 11/25/1923County: Chaves
Child (04)Thomason, Mollie JaneBirth: 5/9/1925County: Sacramento
Notes: Source George Thomason of Franklin Georgia
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