Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameJaynes, David Paul
County: Greene
CitySt: TN
County: Crockett
CitySt: TN
Cause: Buried: Brigance Cemetery
FatherJean, WyattBirth: 1806
MotherTilson, MargaretBirth: 1806
SpouseHanks, Nancy EmilyMarried: 03/26/1871
Child (01)Jaynes, William WallaceBirth: 4/25/1872County: Greene
Child (02)Jaynes, Isaac MelvilleBirth: 11/14/1875County: Crockett
Child (03)Jaynes, RichardBirth: c1875County: Crockett
Child (04)Jaynes, M EBirth: Abt 1877County: Crockett
Child (05)Jaynes, James OliverBirth: 11/1/1878County: Crockett
Child (06)Jaynes, BenjaminBirth: 01/12/1881County: Crockett
Child (07)Jaynes, Nettie BellBirth: 05/08/1883County: Crockett
Child (08)Jaynes, Francis MartinBirth: 11/23/1887County: Crockett
Child (09)Jaynes, Nelson HarrisBirth: 02/09/1891County: Crockett
Child (10)Jaynes, Alice MaeBirth: 3/21/1881County: Crockett
Notes:I believe that David Paul Jaynes migrated to West Tennessee between 11/1871 and 2/12/1874 with his brother Henry Hugh Jaynes, his sister Elizabeth A Davis and sister Leticia Williams and their husbands. These dates were arrived by these facts: Henry Hugh Jr., born 11/1871 in Greene County, TN. Henry Hugh Sr., performed a marriage for his niece, Sarah Williams in Haywood County on 2/12/1874.

Alice was not the biological child of David Paul and Nancy Emily but they gave her their name and raised her as though she was their child.

Source: Dr. Tony Emison
David Paul owned a 67 acre farm on Ezra Emison Road, Bells, TN. This information confirmed by Dr. Tony Emison. The house is still standing but has been added on and remodeled.