Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameJaynes, Nelson Harris
County: Crockett
CitySt: TN
County: Crockett
CitySt: TN
Cause: Buried: Walnut Hill Cemetery
FatherJaynes, David PaulBirth: 1848
MotherHanks, Nancy EmilyBirth: 1853
SpouseBridger, EmmaMarried: 02/09/1913
Child (01)Jaynes, LorellBirth: 12/10/1913County: Crockett
Child (02)Jaynes, DorothyBirth: 11/11/1915County: Crockett
Child (03)Jaynes, Ola MayBirth: 2/18/1918County: Crockett
Child (04)Jaynes, Lee RoyBirth: c1921County: Crockett
Notes:All the time I knew him he lived with Granddaddy Ben Jaynes and he cut my hair and taught me how to make hammer handles from hickory.
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Jaynes,Nelson Harris