Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameJaynes, Elizabeth
NicknameAunt Pete
County: Crockett
CitySt: TN
County: Crockett
CitySt: TN
Cause: Buried: Walnut Hill Cemetery
FatherJaynes, BenjaminBirth: 01/12/1881
MotherThomason, Omie LouBirth: 05/21/1891
SpouseTinker, Horace McCormickMarried: 06/28/1924
Child (01)Tinker, Jennie LeeBirth: 4/4/1926County: Crockett
Child (02)Tinker, Floyd DuieBirth: 3/23/1929County: Crockett
Notes:When I was 8 and 9 years old we lived close to Uncle Horace and Aunt Pete. When big storms were coming Uncle Horace would come get me, my brother and mother in his International truck and we would go to their house so we could get into their storm cellar if the storm was really bad.
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