Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

NameJaynes, Benjamin
County: Crockett
CitySt: Tennessee
County: Crockett
CitySt: Tennessee
Cause: strokeBuried: Walnut Hill Cemetery
FatherJaynes, David PaulBirth: 1848
MotherHanks, Nancy EmilyBirth: 1853
SpouseThomason, Omie LouMarried: 02/09/1905
Child (01)Jaynes, ElizabethBirth: 02/23/1906County: Crockett
Child (02)Jaynes, Rosie MayBirth: 10/22/1907County: Crockett
Child (03)Jaynes, Gladys CatherineBirth: 11/12/1910County: Crockett
Child (04)Jaynes, Fannie JewelBirth: 03/19/1913County: Crockett
Child (05)Jaynes, J BBirth: 02/10/1916County: Crockett
Child (06)Jaynes, Frank FarrowBirth: 03/24/1920County: Crockett
Child (07)Jaynes, James CledousBirth: 07/02/1922County: Crockett
Child (08)Jaynes, LivingBirth:
Notes: Source: Charlotte Jaynes
Papa died on 09/27/1952 in his home from the many strokes that he'd battled and which had paralyzed him on one side of his body. He was born on Feb.12, 1881. They are buried in Walnut Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Crockett Co. TN. and his headstone reads born 1882, which we believe is incorrect. The Ronk Funeral Home records shows his birthday as 2/12/1881 and his WW1 draft regristration shows 1/12/1881. He was a well digger by trade as were many of his relatives.

I still remember the night in 1947 that a tornado came through close to where we lived. We had gone to Granddaddy Ben's house because he had a storm cellar. When the storm got bad, the grownups said it was time to go to the cellar. Uncle Pat was so sick he could not get out of bed and Granddaddy would not leave him, my mother said she was not leaving her daddy alone with Uncle Pat, so both of them stayed in the house. My brother, William, recalls that the wind was blowing so hard he crawled to the cellar holding onto the grass to keep from getting blown away. I believe that is the night Uncle Pat passed away.
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Jaynes,Benjamin Jaynes,Benjamin