Roberts, Jaynes, Thomason, Emison

I dedicate this to my daughters, Bonna and Jennifer, for without their encouragement my ancestry would still be a mystery.

I am Mac Roberts, born in Crockett County, Tennessee, and now living in central Arkansas. During my forty-one year career with GE, I transferred several times to different states.

My original purpose of this research was to find information on my great-grandparents, since I never knew any of them. I have located them, where they lived, where they are buried, and much more.

Charlotte, my first cousin, has done much of the research and has been very supportive of my endeavor.

Blood Lines
last namefirst namebornborn where
AyersNathaniel1695Wales or Scotland
LoydJames Appleton1827North Carolina
PayneSir John1623England
RobertsFranklin1806North Carolina
ThomasonGeorge1771South Carolina